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Do you love books?

I think everyone should. Why? I’m glad you asked, it’s simple: the wisdom of the ages is contained in books. From the dawn of time people have written down what is important to them, finances, love, romance, quests, heroes, and villains, fanciful and practical. Books to inspire, to inform to change society and to rally against change. Books contain the essence of what it is to be human, with it’s dizzying heights and it’s devastating lows. All this is yours if you pick up a book and read it. If the author has done a good job it flows off of the page and into your soul, changing you and giving you a perspective you couldn’t have gained any other way.

Our Purpose.

Our purpose at mStar Books is to give you reviews of the books we read, to give you a good feel for the book and help you decide whether you would like to read it. Then, giving you the opportunity to support us by using the iTunes affiliate link to purchase the book or audio book.

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