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Stephen Wilson, Owner mStar Industries

Thank you for your interest in our Bookkeeping Services. It is our pleasure to offer these services to you, and we look forward to being a part of your business team. Because you are reading this, you already have some idea of how a bookkeeper can help your business. However, I wanted to go over some the benefits of having a bookkeeper that you might not have thought of:

A Bookkeeper Allows You to Keep your Focus on Areas of Greatest Leverage.

 Your business needs you to be on top of your game. By handing off the bookkeeping duties, you can bring your A-game to bear on those aspects of your business that affect the bottom line.

You are an Expert in Your Business, not Accounting.

 You started your company because you have a skill set that is desired by others, and for most companies, this is not accounting. By bringing in the expertise of a Certified Bookkeeper, your business can operate on an expert level financially as well as in your specialty. 

Balance your Time.

Work is essential, but so are family, friends, faith, and rest. Having a bookkeeper on your team allows you to better balance out the different aspects of your life by saving you time and stress.

See Your Business from a Different Angle.

A bookkeeper has a unique perspective on your business. The numbers don’t lie. Whether you are doing well, or some areas need improvement, it all plays itself out in the numbers. Communicating regularly with your bookkeeper through a regular reporting procedure allows you to get financial feedback while it is still relevant.

Remove the Tedium of Maintaining Proper Financial Records.

Keeping proper financial records is essential, but it can be tedious and time-consuming.  A bookkeeper can take care of this part of your business for you, freeing up your time to manage your staff and customers.

Managing Cash Flow.

I’m sure you have dealt with those businesses that always pay late, all the while your suppliers expect to be paid on time. A bookkeeper helps you make sure those who need payment, ARE paid, on time. As well as works with you to develop a reporting system and action plan for aging accounts receivables. These approaches aid you in getting paid promptly and avoiding late fees.

Make Your Books Audit Ready.

Audits are a part of being in business. Having a Certified Bookkeeper gives you the confidence that tax filings, or any other financial filings, are correct.  When audits come, any adjustments needed will be minor.

Understanding your Financial Position.

Cash on hand is just one factor in determining a business’s financial position. Payables, receivables, and tax burden all play a part in your overall financial situation. A bookkeeper helps you to keep up to date on the complete financial picture allowing you to determine the best steps to move your business forward.

Manage Business Partner’s Investments and Drawings.

Different people have different expectations when getting into business, and this can play itself out in the Owner’s Investments and Drawings. Setting forth clear expectations and procedures in this area will help to reduce conflict and tension between partners, as well as prevent any imbalances in financial obligation or owner’s withdrawals. A bookkeeper should be an integral part of this process and the final gatekeeper for this area.

Why Me?

So those are the reason to hire a bookkeeper, but why choose me? There are some of the specific strengths I bring to the table:


I have received a certificate in Computerized Bookkeeping, which covers general bookkeeping, as well as Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting) and QuickBooks, from Medicine Hat College.

Sage 50 and QuickBooks Software Subscriptions

These are the benchmarks of Canadian Accounting.

Flat Rate Monthly Invoicing

Predictable invoicing based on an “a la carte” or menu system, you only pay for the services you want or need.

Small Business Background

My employment and business experience has been in the small business arena. I get it, I’ve been there.

Team Focused

Teams are the foundation of any organization, large or small. Both my leadership style and service style are focused on teamwork.

Cloud-based Document Transfer and Long Distance Bookkeeping

Digital transfer of documents make the bookkeeping process more efficient and allows for long distance bookkeeping.

An Attitude of Excellence and Service

I believe in a business philosophy of serving others in excellence.

Contact Us

I hope that I have convinced you of both the need for a bookkeeper, and that I am the right choice for your team. If I have, please email me at to start a conversation about your bookkeeping needs.

Thank You! 🙂

mStar Industries seeking to express our Passion in Bookkeeping, Graphic Design, and the Literary World with Excellence and Service.